Jan 03

Reconnect to the Stillness within You!


It’s a crazy time of year where so much has been happening and we are now slowly getting back to “normal”.

My very dear friend has written a book called Connecting Kids with their Inner Potential and it is filled with stories, activities, and meditations.

Here is a meditation for all of us to just STOP, reconnect to Stillness within ourselves… just for a moment!

And if you’d like to know more about the book please visit https://sharonturton.com/books

Nov 30

Yoga and Wellness


Catrin is the Ambassador of the YAMA FOUNDATION, please enjoy this YOGA demonstration which:

  • Shows a Yoga Class Outline for People with Quadriplegia
  • Explains the poses
  • Helps with basic movements


Catrin about YOGA: “It helps me to relax.”


Click on the link to see the full video.

Jul 23

How To Make Your Own SHIFT Tool

SHIFT Process Tools

We realise that there are many access means and varying circumstance that need to be accommodated, but as a start, please find a few options and a base to work from in the following videos. Downloads of mentioned tools will be available in the RESOURCES section of the home page, and Kim is AMAZING at this… so pop us a question, if you need any help!

The videos below give you:

  • Practical how to’s
  • Manual Board option
  • PODD options
  • Emotions Board option
  • Extra tips!